Patrica Rust Creative

Patricia Rust: A History of Firsts

  • first female talk show host on PBS
  • The first female film critic for an ABC TV Affiliate
  • One of the first television comedy writers
  • Sold her FIRST screenplay to Warner Bros.
  • Sold her FIRST children’s book to the first publisher who read it
  • Had her first work of literacy fiction accepted by a literary journal.
  • More to follow and she continues to make history with her work…And open doors for others…
  • She writes with humor, heart, a passion for giving us perspective, and tools for living along the way.
  • Some call her the next Mr. Rogers. She is definitely a Pied Piper with children. According to USA Today, she has read to over 100,000 children across the United States with passion for children to read and founded one of the FIRST literacy organizations ever.
  • The FIRST fiction published writer in HUFF POST.