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Somewhere along the line, early on as a child, I earned a SAG card and then an AFTRA membership, too, and even though I pursued writing and producing, I managed to still get thrown in front of a camera and it's one of those thrills one never outgrows! I love doing voice-overs and can do many characters which is one reason I love reading to children so much! I have done so many characters even for CDs in Japan…in Japanese! And for my own audio books which is really a treat!

These days, I'm enjoying Improv! It's such fun to write on your feet! After studying a year with L.A.Comedy Connection, I'm ready for more Improv! It's simply that much fun! My commercial agent sure is happy about it!

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Host, "Royal Readers", ABC Affiliate in Hawaii, KITV
Host, "On Cue", Local PBS Affiliate in Los Angeles
Host, "On Location", Syndicated, Group W
Host, "Financial Inquiry", Financial News Network (later became CBNC)
Host, "Hollywood Close-up", Syndicated
Entertainment Reporter, New Orleans Television Station, WVUE, ABC
Morning Show Host, New Orleans Television Station, WVUE, ABC
Radio Reports, K-Earth 101, Los Angeles
Co-Host, "Bowling Off Balance", KTLA, Los Angeles
Host, "All About Beauty", KTTV


I stand 5'-8 ", am a size 4-6, bust 34, hips 34, shoe size 6, ring size 6, and can do print, runway, and commercial. I did my first tea room at Bullocks Westwood when I was two and did mother/daughter with my mother. I've never stopped modeling because I am fashion's slave and make no apologies for loving clothes, fashion, design, and beauty. It feeds my soul and I love the world of modeling. I love the agents, photographers, models, and most of all the designers whose designs influence how people feel.

Ivory Soap Girl
Miss Minolta Camera
Budweiser Girl
Red Door Elizabeth Arden
Ski Magazine

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Kathy Muller Agency


BPM Talent: 310-275-8263


Ted at BPM Talent: 310-275-8263


Tales of the Universe - Narrator
Commercial, Documentary, Narrative
Ala Moana Shopping Center
Voice-Masters Books on Tape
Numerous Voices for Cartoon Characters


Tag Modeling and Commercials: 310-461-3650
1900 Avenue of the Stars Suite 2840
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Patricia Rust - Honolulu and Los Angeles
12021 Wilshire Blvd.  #924     Los Angeles, CA 90025
Phone: (310) 445-3250           Email: patriciajrust@gmail.com
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